gear1 S3 [gıə US gır] n
1¦(in cars etc)¦
3 change gear
8 get your ass in gear
[: Old English; Origin: gearwe]
1.) ¦(IN CARS ETC)¦ [U and C]
the machinery in a vehicle such as a car, truck, or bicycle that you use to go comfortably at different speeds
His mountain bike had 18 gears.
Andy drove cautiously along in third gear .
Does this thing have a reverse gear ?
Any cyclist can climb a difficult hill; you just change gear .
Don't turn off the engine while you're still in gear .
It's a good habit to take the car out of gear while you're at a stoplight.
2.) [U and C]
used to talk about the amount of effort and energy that someone is using in a situation
During this period, Japan's export industries were in top gear (=were as active as they could be) .
The Republican's propaganda machine moved into high gear .
step up a gear
BrE (=increase the level of effort)
United stepped up a gear in the second half.
3.) change gear
BrE change/switch/shift gears AmE
to start doing something in a different way, especially using more or less energy or effort
The boss expects us to be able to change gear just like that.
4.) ¦(EQUIPMENT)¦[U]
a set of equipment or tools you need for a particular activity
He's crazy about photography - he's got all the gear.
We'll need camping gear when we go away.
5.) ¦(CLOTHES)¦[U]
a set of clothes that you wear for a particular occasion or activity
Bring your rain gear.
police in riot gear
6.) ¦(MACHINERY)¦[U]
a piece of machinery that performs a particular job
the landing gear of a plane
heavy lifting gear
7.) ¦(DRUGS)¦[U]
BrE informal a word meaning illegal drugs, used by people who take drugs
8.) get your ass in gear
AmE informal used to tell someone to hurry
= move your ass
You'd better get your ass in gear - you're late.
COLLOCATES for sense 1
in/into ... gear
first/second/third etc gear
high/low gear
top/bottom gear British English
reverse gear (=for driving backwards)
change gear British English
change/switch/shift gears American English (=change to a different gear)
crunch/grind the gears (=change gear in a way that makes an unpleasant noise)
in/into gear (=with a gear connecting the engine to the wheels)
out of gear (=with the engine not connected to the wheels)
gear 2
gear2 v [T]
be geared to sb/sth
to be organized in a way that is suitable for a particular purpose or situation
The typical career pattern was geared to men whose wives didn't work.
be geared to do sth
The course curriculum is geared to span three years.
gear up phr v
to prepare for something
gear up for
The organization is gearing up for a convention in May.
gear up/be geared up to do sth
Fast food restaurants are geared up to serve thousands of people daily.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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